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Anaesthesia Accessories

Deliver perioperative care with Lubdub quality and economical anaesthesia accessories

Complement your anesthesia systems, with our one stop solution in your department.

We make it simple. We identified the most common configurations in anesthesia breathing circuits, face masks, LMAs, CO2 gas sampling lines and filters, and deliver a quality product at a value that's right for you.

Anesthesia Circuits for adult and pediatric patients. Kits package the breathing circuit, face mask, filter, and CO2 sampling line for use on one patient.

Standard 10 ft (3 m) CO2 gas sampling lines with male/male and male/female connectors.

Anesthesia Face Masks available in five sizes from neonate to adult.

Single patient use, sterile LMAs available in seven sizes ranging from size 1 to 5.

Let us show you how we can be your low cost, value provider of quality Accessories.   To get started, Contact Us! Download our catalogs here

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