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3 Lead ECG Cable

3 Lead ECG Cables:

Lub Dub is the tycoon manufacturer of different types of ECG Cables. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of 3 lead ECG cable compatible with ECG Machines manufactured by Schiller, GE, L&T, HP, BPL and other major companies. We provide a clip, snap, mini pinch and banana electrode type 3 lead ECG cables for Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Patients. We follow the EC-53 standard to manufacture and test our products and we also follow IEC color code standards. High-quality spares are used by us to manufacture the cables and the cables have a minimum life of 2 years. The ECG cables are shielded, so the machines are not disturbed by outer noise/vibration which in turn reduces the effect of artifacts.

The 3 lead ECG cables placed in three main areas such as RA-red electrode placed under right clavicle near right shoulder within the rib cage frame, LA-yellow electrode paced under left clavicle near left shoulder within the rib cage frame and the LL-green electrode placed on the left side below pectoral muscles lower edge of the left rib cage. The 3 lead ECG is usually simple to use and most brands have a standardized color-coded placement of the 3 electrode leads.

Although recently discovered that the US use a different colour scheme involving the colours red, yellow and green for their electrodes, these are the most common 3 lead ECG placements: Right arm limb lead is white (white goes to the right) – forearm, proximal to the wrist, Left arm limb lead is black and is considered the Earth lead, and is placed at the forearm, proximal to the wrist, Left leg limb lead is red and is placed on the left lower leg, proximal to the ankle. We also offer high quality 10 lead and 5 lead ECG cables compatible with all the major manufacturers. A final quality check is conducted before final delivery to ensure its flawlessness. Apart from this, our clients can avail these products from us at a market's leading price.