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ECG Accessories


LubDub is plighted in offering a wide range of ECG accessories to the customers. Lub Dub deliberately focuses on the betterment of patient life by creating excellent ECG accessories. The spares of ECG covers ECG gel, ECG sheets and different types of electrode i.e, clamp electrode, tab electrode, bulb pediatric electrode and disposable chest electrode.


The electrode detects the tiny electrical changes on the skin that arise from the heart muscle during each heartbeat. The electrodes are checked under different set parameters of the industry. We follow the EC-53 standard to manufacture and test our products and we also follow IEC color code standards. High-caliber ECG accessories are manufactured by Lub Dub.


The ECG gel increases the conductivity between the skin and electrode.We provide the clamp electrodes with Ag/Ag-Cl sensor in two sizes adaptable to universal connections, suction chest electrodes in Ag/Ag-Cl in three sizes, adapters, Alligator clips, lead wires.

Features of Electrodes:

High Strength

Fine Finish


Easy to use

Advanced quality

Foam Aggressive