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Imaging Supplies & Accessories

Imaging Supplies & Accessories:

Lub Dub is highly adroit in producing the imaging supplies and accessories. We provide the transcendent imaging supplies and accessories with much of safety protocols. We being more adept, creates these supplies with much of quality check, prudence and trenchant.


We offer carefully selected Imaging accessories like Ultrasound probes, X-ray viewers, US repair kit, Biopsy adapters and image management software for all Imaging applications from certified partners to fulfill your accessory needs and to provide you with a comprehensive solution.


Standard Accessories
Nationwide we cooperate with the leading producers of Imaging accessories for clinical applications.

Customized Accessories
We provide customer specific accessories along with the modality.


We are hegemonacious firm in delivering the best imaging supplies and accessories for the welfare of the patient's healthcare.  Lubdub gives out the excellent products with ensuring testing, calibration, maintenance, and safety.


If the imaging goes wrong....everything goes wrong...

You want it right???????

get back with us....the best imaging solutions”