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X ray Viewers


Lub Dub is highly perpetual in creating X-ray viewers using first compact fluorescent lamps and now LED lamps that are much efficient, producing more light and less heat with greater lamp life. We specialize in the preparation of X-Ray Viewer that is designed to meet the demands of various nursing homes and hospitals.


Lubdub manufactures LED Xray viewers in a single screen, dual screen, three screens, four screens we can use to view M.R.I, CT and Xray images. We provide with quite a few benefits such as reliability, technical support for layouts, excellent service, and stunning looks. Free from UV radiation, it is harmless to the eyes of the users. This innovative x-ray illuminator finds a vast application in hospitals and nursing homes.


Ideal for viewing x-ray films and MRI, this offered illuminator is widely acclaimed in the market. Known for its long lifespan, it is immensely appreciated. Having low-voltage power supply, it offers increased safety. Further, offered a range of x-ray is highly durable. Lubdub has its own promising and everlasting products that are manufactured.


  • Ultra slim Xray Viewers
  • Ultra slim Xray Viewers 2 in 1
  • Ultra slim Xray Viewers 3 in 1
  • Ultra slim Xray Viewers 4 in 1


X-ray viewers create an illuminated background for radiographs. Lubdub gives out the excellent products with ensuring testing, calibration, maintenance, and safety.