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Temperature Probe

Temperature Probe:

Lub Dub provides high-caliber, idiosyncrasy temperature probes. A temperature probe is used in many scientific, commercial, and industrial applications to measure temperature. Lub Dub fabricates good quality temperature probes/sensors for patient monitoring that are compatible with BPL/BPL Clearsign/ Datex Ohmeda and most of the Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our probes provide high precision results with comparatively large shelf life.


We offer temperature probes for Adult/Pediatric/Neonatal patients in both reusable and disposable category. The probes are mono jack/single pin probes which are comfortable to use. We provide skin type and rectal type temperature sensors. Our temperature probes/sensors are fabricated with high-quality tools and they are CE(European Conformity) certified. Lub Dub is dedicated to a standard of excellence with much accuracy and convenience that sets it apart from others. All product designs are tested and quality checked with much safety and ease to handle.