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Patient Monitoring Accessories

Patient Monitoring Accessories:


Patient monitoring is much important and so is its interfacing with the patient with the help of patient monitoring accessories. If the interfacing goes wrong the entire system fails and thereby ultimately leading to the lethality of the patients. Lub Dub focuses on the best patient monitoring accessories with the perfect interfacing for the excellent patient care.


Lub Dub provides the cutting-edge patient monitoring accessories for the betterment of healthcare. Increased awareness of usage and growing number of the aging population has made the home-based/remote patient monitoring to witness the double-digit growth in the recent past.


The patient monitoring accessories include NIBP hose, IBP, Blood pressure cuff, SPO2 reusable, SPO2 disposable, SPO2 extensions/adapters, SPO2 original sensors, 5 lead ECG cables, 3 lead ECG cables, Temperature probe, Cardiac output, Capnography, BIS sensor, Pulse oximeters, Analyzers. Our accessories are heavy-duty, low noise, precision pieces of equipment with extremely high reliability.


Apart from our LubDub products, we are able to provide you with the following generic products and accessories from various manufacturers such as:



  • Masimo- SpO2 sensors and cables
  • GE-Datex/Ohmeda-SpO2 sensors and cables.
  • Maquet- oxygen sensors
  • Dräger-accessories, spare parts, and consumables



The best patient care with our best patient care accessories”

A transformational change with best patient care.”