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5 Lead ECG Cable

5 lead ECG Cable:

Lub Dub is paramount in producing 5 lead ECG cable. 5-lead is preferred in an ICU, to monitor the third (anterior) area of the heart. We offer a wide variety of 5 lead ECG cable compatible with ECG Machines manufactured by GE, Schiller, Philips, BPL, HP and other major companies. 5 Channel ECG uses 4 extremity leads and 1 precordial lead. This improves ST-segment accuracy.


The ECG cables are manufactured by following EC-53 standards and IEC color code. We provide the clip, snap, mini pinch and banana electrode type 5 lead ECG cables for Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Patients. High-quality spares are used by us to manufacture the ECG cables, and they have a minimum shelf life of 2 years. There are different types of pins that are compatible with the lead cable. We also have the cable types such as single/double/notch. As we use shielded cables, the ECG Machines are protected from outer noise/vibration which in turn reduces the risk of artifacts.


In 5 lead ECG cables, there are cables which use 5 electrodes such as RA-white, RL-green, LA-black, LL-red and chest lead -brown. We also offer 3 lead and 10 lead ECG cables compatible with all the major manufacturers. Lub Dub gives out the excellent products by ensuring testing, calibration, maintenance, and safety. Our quality meets latest standards. Scroll down the page to view and purchase 5 lead ECG cables.