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Electrosurgery Instruments

Electrosurgical Instruments:

Lub Dub is the notable and a prominent firm in proffering electrosurgical instruments. We provide with the Electro Surgical instruments which incorporate Bipolar Pad, Bi-clamp curved, Bi-clamp straight, Bipolar cable, Bipolar forceps, Coutry foot control pencil, Disposable pencil, the Knife electrode, Pencil electrode, Loop electrode, Universal adapter and so on. We produce different types of forceps with different sizes such as straight forceps, bayonet forceps, American type, European type.


The bipolar forceps that comes under electrosurgical instruments are used to minimize the overheat in the coagulation point and better visualization of the operating surface in the patient body.The pencil electrodes are available in different sizes with blade/ball/loop and lancet electrode. It is of 3-meter bio-compatible cable of stainless steel 70mm blade with smooth cut and coagulation button function. The disposable electrosurgical pencil is single-use equipment for the purpose of removing tissues to control bleeding with high accuracy. It is easy to fix and remove from the patient with minimal skin damage providing better comfort the patients and it is also flexible with less weight.


We also offer the pencil electrode tester for the testing of the diathermy pencil which is of reusable type. The cautry foot control pencil is provided with a single metal coated electrode and reduces stress while performing the operation. All our electrosurgical instruments have the advantage of using it with much ease, reliable and durable with much of safety acknowledgment. The patient’s pad such as adult bipolar also known as grounding pad acts as an electrode surface which is made of plastic base material covered with a metal plate. It is available in disposable as well as reusable form. The foot pedal switch is designed exclusively for less weight and more comfortable for the patients to use. Our products are USFDA and CE approved. Lub Dub offers cutting-edge electrosurgical instruments.