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Ambu Bag


Leveraging on our wide expertise, LubDub offers trademark of Ambu Bags. Owing to their compact design and material, these bags offer better protection for the patient's life. Ambu bags are sourced with a silicon material which reusable and it can be sterilized using an autoclave.

We provide a flexible reservoir bags connected by tubing and a non- rebreathing valve to a face mask and used for artificial ventilation. The reason we are capable of delivering the best in class range of products that of the stern checking on the raw material while sourcing. By this, we bring forth quality products. 

LubDub contributes silicon Ambu bags (resuscitators) in an array of size for,

  • Neonatal: 250 mL capacity
  • Pediatric: 500mL capacity
  • Adult: 1000mL capacity

designed to suit the specifications set by the medical sector. Liable for its quality, we are making it available in the affordable price range with best supportive features that include:

  • Excellent performance
  • Cost-effective
  • Prolonged service life 

 The Product is used in medical emergencies at many medical facilities and ambulances across the world.

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