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LubDub is one of the most prominent Manufacturers and suppliers of an extensive range of Tourniquet cuffs that are easy to clean, robust with additional safety straps for long-term use, they are available in a variety of color-coded sizes from child to a large adult leg.

LubDub engages in providing NIBP Cuff Tourniquets single tube for

Tourniquet cuffs are single- or dual-bladder inflatable cuffs designed to apply pressure on the arterial blood flow in a limb to create a bloodless surgical field. The cuff inflates with air to a preset pressure to compress the patient’s blood vessels during surgical procedures, thus ensuring a bloodless operative field.

LubDub offers  Sterile tourniquet Cuffs are designed to ensure performance while providing user convenience with good precision and high quality.Tourniquet cuffs are an ideal alternative to re-usable cuffs, offering a reduced risk of cross infection. Guaranteed for long-term use item is cost effective.A comprehensive offering provides multiple options to help the clinician meet patient needs. The medical tourniquet features can help you create "Your Circle of Confidence."