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IBP Cables

IBP Cables:

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Invasive blood pressure (IBP) is a method of measuring blood pressure internally by using a sensitive IV catheter inserted into an artery. This is usually used where rapid variations of blood pressure are anticipated.

 The IBP cables are constructed to exacting tolerances, meet all industry standards, and are compatible with virtually all major blood pressure devices that include Siemens, Abbott, Medex, Biosensor, Edward, HP 4-pin, USP, BD, and Cathlab.

 Lightweight, disposable and reusable blood pressure transducers are designed to give consistent and accurate readings of arterial and venous blood pressure measurements. IBP allows continuous ‘beat-to-beat’ blood pressure monitoring.

 Lub dub relies on the improvement of patient comfort, especially for those who are likely to need close blood pressure monitoring for a long period of time e.g. ICU patients. For meeting different interface of IBP transducers, we offer customized IBP transducer cables for the customer to integrate varied patient monitoring system.

  We proffer specially designed, fully shielded cable which minimizes electrical noise and interface to provide maximum signal quality. IBP transducer cables increase durability and extend product life.


We work with a motive of complete clients satisfaction and provide highly reliable products in superior quality. These are all safely packed and largely supplied at the most profitable market price range. IBP transducer cables increase durability and extend product life.