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ECG Cables & ECG Accessories

ECG cables & ECG Accessories:

Lub Dub is a Stellar in ECG cables & ECG accessories production. We create better ECG cables & ECG accessories for the best interface. Poor interfacing of ECG cables & ECG accessories leads to abrupt reading which finally leads to a patient fatality. Lub Dub deliberately focuses on the betterment of patient life by creating transcendent interfacing thereby creating excellent ECG cables & ECG accessories. 


 We offer a wide range of solid gel electrodes that are ideal for monitoring, stress test, and Holter monitoring. We follow the EC-53 standard to manufacture and test our products and we also follow IEC color code standards.High-caliber ECG cables & ECG accessories are manufactured by us by using best and perfect spares and cables having a minimum life of 2 years.


 The ECG cables are shielded, so the machines are not disturbed by outer noise/vibration which in turn reduces the effect of artifacts. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of  3 lead5 lead and 10 lead ECG cables & accessories compatible with the ECG equipment manufactured by all major companies like GE, BPL, Mindray, L&T, Phillips, Masimo Etc; We guarantee perfect transmission of the signal and an optimal adhesiveness for easy application and removal. The support is made of a Biocompatible material with electrical performance according to ANSI/AAMI EC 12. Different shapes and sizes are available to suit your every need. 


ECG cables & ECG accessories include different types of electrodes such as bulb, clamp, disposable chest electrodes for all types of patients. The connectors are also of various types like banana, snap etc that is related to compatibility. We provide the clamp electrodes with Ag/Ag-Cl sensor in two sizes adaptable to universal connections, suction chest electrodes in Ag/Ag-Cl in three sizes, adapters, Alligator clips, lead wires.


The Main Focus of Lub Dub is to better interfacing for better healthcare thereby avoiding the lethality of patients”