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NIBP Hose:

NIBP accessories from Lub Dub proffer peak quality products and quite a large range of NIBP hoses, that are compatible with major manufacturers such as Schiller/ BPLUltima/ ClearSign/ Philips/ Zondan/ HP/ Akas/ BPL and Mindray for adult/pediatric/neonatal patients at competitive prices.\

 Being the puissant franchiser, Lub Dub offers NIBP hoses which are more durable and easy to adapt to the manometer device. NIBP monitoring is performed with the equipment called as sphygmomanometer which is also simply referred to as blood pressure meter. The one end of the NIBP hose is connected to the cuff and the other end to the manometer which displays the blood pressure level. The cuff is fixed in the biceps that collapse and release and the artery due to pressure provided in the bulb manually.

 Lub Dub produces the NIBP hose with single tubing and double tubing that has connectors based on the type of machines used. The hose is manufactured by high in class spares so that it provides a minimum lifespan of 2 years. These are the perfect complement to the world's best BP monitors. Lub Dub seal you with the best safety protocols. Highly perpetual and indelible products are manufactured with good solidity.

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