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SPO2 3Mtr Reusable Probe

SPO2 3Mtr Reusable Probe:

SpO2 probes are one of the high-caliber products of Lub Dub. As a patient's Spo2 level is the most common and widespread monitored parameter, we afford a wide range of SpO2 reusable probes of 3 meter and 0.9 meters for patient monitoring that are compatible with a bunch of leading manufacturers which includes GE Dash, HP, Drager, BPL, L&T, Mindray, Nihon Kohden, Philips gold way, Schiller, Oxywave, Silicon lab and BLT.

We provide different types such as Adult clip/soft rubber, pediatric clip/soft rubber, Infant soft rubber, Neonatal wrap/Y sensor/Earcap wrap. These probes keep patients in the safer zone by protecting them from the harmful latex allergy diseaseBacked with years of experience Lub Dub bring forth the best collection of SpO2 reusable probes. SpO2 stands for peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, an estimate of the amount of oxygen in the blood non-invasively. Best for patient comfort and long-term care.

The selection of sensor among the wide range relies on the setting in which it is used. The pulse oximeter probe has two light emitting diodes (LED’s)- one red and one infrared mounted on the inner side facing the other side of the probe. The sensors are durable and harmless for measuring oxygen saturation level in the human body.It helps in alarming the therapist to prevent the effect of desaturation and hypoxemia which may cause cyanosis. We provide probe cables that are much suitable for pediatric and adult patients.

The SpO2 reusable probe cable comes with finger clip type which is quite easy to handle during the measurement process for adult patients. The minimum life for the probe cable is about 1 year. The clip is designed in such a way so that it can be placed on any finger in the hand except the thumb finger because the readings in the thumb are not stable than other finger readings. We also provide reusable and disposable probe cables.

The reusable probes are used widely because it is more economical over the number of uses when compared to disposable probes. The usage of disposable probes produces more medical waste that are to be disposed of safely to prevent spreading of infection from the disposed of oximeters. We are meticulous in proffering SPO2 probes.