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Anesthesia Supplies


Lub Dub, the dominant merchandiser in creating the anesthesia supplies, provides the best interfacing for the best solution. We complement your anesthesia systems with our one-stop solution. We make it simple for a better health with anesthesia supplies.


We identified the most common configurations in anesthesia breathing circuits, face masks, LMAs, CO2 gas sampling lines and filters, and deliver a high-caliber product at a value that's right for you. We provide anesthesia circuits, masks and catheter mount, breathing bags, pressure infusor, Ambu bags, airway, vaporizer, suction, nerve stimulator, CO2 absorbers. We afford adult circuits, Bain circuits, disposable circuits, Mapalson-D, neonatal circuits, pediatric circuits, plain circuits, reasonable circuits to impel the excellent interfacing products for anesthesia.


  Lub Dub is the peak producer of the anesthesia supplies with higher end quality, durability, and reliability. As it relieves pain, anesthesia is much important and so its accessories and supplies. Thus Lub Dub paves its convergence in proffering the transcendent anesthesia supplies and accessories for the betterment of patient care. 

 ”Improper interfacing leads to errors which lead to patient lethality, Thus Lub Dub provides perfect interfacing for perfect healthcare”