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Anaesthesia Ventilator Circuits

Anaesthesia Ventilator Circuits:

Lub Dub contrives various types of anesthesia Ventilator circuits that assist in connecting the patient's airway to anesthetic machine thus providing for artificial breathing atmosphere. The complete setup comprises fresh gas entry port that allows gases to be delivered from machine to system, gas reservoir in form of a bag or corrugated tube, corrugated tubes for connecting components and others. We proffer anesthesia Ventilator circuits with much precision for the superior functional performance. The functions of anesthesia breathing circuits are as follows.


  • delivery of anesthetic gases and vapors;
  • oxygenation of the patient; and
  • CO2 elimination.


  • Compact and inexpensive with low dead-space
  • Low resistance to breathing
  • Facilitates scavenging of waste gases

We offer Anesthesia Adult Bain circuits, Mapalson_D, Plain, Jackson and Rees circuit, silicon ventilator circuits etc..Lub Dub gives its best when it comes to patient safety.


" The better the connecting circuits .......

the best the patient's airway"