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Respiratory Supplies

Respiratory Supplies:

”Breath-The utmost essentiality of human life so is the supplies and accessories for an equipment”

We the meticulous franchiser produce the perfect respiratory supplies and accessories to touch the souls. From comfortable oxygen delivery to innovative products, Lubdub provides respiratory supplies and accessories for your patients, families, residents, and customers. Lub Dub offers:

ICU Circuits

Intensive Care Unit Circuits are most important of the respiratory supplies that include adult circuits, disposable circuits, extra limb, pediatric circuits, reusable circuits, single water trap circuit, transport ventilator, trap.

NIV Mask

The Non-invasive Ventilation mask includes the quality supplies such as an Adult mask, CPR mask, disposable mask, Mouthpiece, Nebulizer, nebulizer kit, O2 mask, Pediatric mask, Tee connector.


The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure equipment accessories include CPAP tube, disposable CPAP tube, dual port mask, Hydral tubing, Reusable hydral tubing, NIV full mask, reusable mask.


All connections on a humidifier are in a single breathing set enabling one-hand operation. Humidifier supplies include heated wire 2 pin Lemo metal(reusable), autofill humidifier chamber(disposable), f&p mr 850, heated wire, heated wire adapter, humidifier, humidifier bottle, humidifier chamber t(adult reusable). the other supplies :

HME's and filters

O2/Flow sensors

Air/O2 Blenders


Circuit Components

"The best interface gives the best patient safety that finally leads to perfect HEALTHCARE"