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Neonatal SPO2 Probe

Neonatal SpO2 Probe:

Lub Dub is much efficacious in producing meticulous neonatal SpO2 probes. The health of an infant is assessed in various ways, including observation and measurement of important blood components. Measurement of oxygen saturation provides information about a child's respiratory, heart and circulatory health. It is part of an assessment of vital signs for an infant, particularly if the newborn is premature or experiences breathing difficulty.


Since oxygen is very toxic, it contributes to many disorders when in excess and when in less. Thus we take up the responsibility to avoid neonatal fatality. We create promising products for the welfare of the newborns. Excessive oxygen is associated with higher rates of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) while inadequate oxygenation is associated with an increase in mortality in preterm infants. Preterm and term infants receiving oxygen therapy should have their SpO2 measured continuously by pulse oximetry.


Oxygen saturations should be targeted within the range of 91-95% in both preterm and term neonates. A pulse oximeter is typically wrapped around an infant’s foot or hand to obtain a measurement. We offer SPO2 infant 0.9-meter probe compatible with Schiller true scope, SPO2 neonatal 0.9-meter probe compatible with GE, SPO2 neonatal 3 mtr probe for HP. Our offered products are manufactured by our professionals who use only finest quality material and cutting-edge machinery in the manufacturing process in agreement with quality principles.


The features we offer are fine quality, good tensile strength, and flexibility. We are among the most trusted companies known for providing a Neonatal Spo2 probe to the clients. The offered range is counted for outstanding performance and enduring service life with much of safety protocols.