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Distributors Wanted

Qualified Distributors Wanted for Biomedical Test Instruments

Qualified Distributors Wanted

Lub Dub Medical Technologies Pvt L, a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical accessories, is seeking Distributors for Datrend Biomedical Test Instrumentation devices.As a distributor, you’ll benefit from generous demo and resale discounts, and knowledgeable sales support and service.

There is a eminent rush for NABH accreditation by Hospitals. This certification requires mandatory Regular testing and calibration of Biomedical Equipments by Hospitals .This has led to booming scope for safety, testing of biomedical calibration and Performance.The Future has a lot of demand for Testing and calibration by hospitals

Be apart of the growth Future, harness future demand.

Are you are interested in joining our team of highly motivated and knowledgeable professionals

Yes, I want to be a Datrend Products Distributor!

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