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High Flow Oxygen Therapy System

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High flow Nasal Cannula
The HNFC Machine is an assembly of
1. Respiratory Humidifier can set low medium and high Temp.
2. Air O2 blender which has option 0.1-1LPM, 1-6LPM, 6-60LPM, 6-120 LPM   any option can choose.
3. Stand with wheels and brake system.
4. Spotarm for respiratory tubing.
5. Heated wire tubing neonatal-adult any option can choose.
6. High flow nasal cannula.
7. High pressure air o2 hose.

1.Control function: Three-level temperature control
2.Protection function: dry and over-heat protection
3.Temperature monitor: digital display 0°C~75°C
4.Application temperature: 30°C~75°C
5.Maximum temperature: 75°C

Technical specification:-
1.Input rate: ≤85W+15%
2.Size: 135*170*150 ( mm )
3.Working temperature: 5°C~40°C
4.Storage relative temperature: -10°C~+40°C
5.Storage relative humidity: ≤90%
6.Atmospheric pressure: 860hPa~1060hPa

1.Maximum water capacity: 280ml(PN-2000F Adult)
2.Maximum water capacity: 230ml(PN-2000FA Infant)
3.Maximum flow: 180L/min
4.Maximum working pressure: 2kPa
5.Inlet: 15mm F
6.Outlet: 22mm M

Blender parameters:-

 Model info specification
Oxygen concentration rang  21-100%
FiO2 accuracy  + - 3% of full scale
Alarm activation  Gas source pressure difference 0.1MPA/14.5PSI
Alarm type  >57dbs BEEPING ALARM
Outlet Flow range  2-120LPM
Auxiliary outlet flow range  2-120LPM
Bleed flow at 50PSI  3-6LPM
Inlet gas supply pressure  0.35-0.45MPA (50-65PSI)
Gas inlet fittings  NIST
Operating temperature  5 TO 40°C
Storage temperature  -40 to 55°C
Operating humidity  ≤80% non condensing
Storage humidity ≤95% non condensing 
MDD -Product classification  Class IIb
Quality management system  ISO13485: 2016
Device specification standard  TYPE B
Dimension (include fittings)  6.8*8.8*7.5cm
weight  1.5kg
Number of ports  Double/Single option


Air Compressor:-
A compact medical-grade air compressor intended for the delivery of clean and dry compressed air Adopting highly efficient oil-free compressor core and multi-level filtration and dehydration design Our compressors are compatible with all the Ventilators ( with external Air Source) and
are very inexpensive. Our compressors have been running successfully with all the leading brands of Ventilators and HFNC.

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